Written By…

Welcome To Written By…  

A magazine by independent authors showcasing  independent authors!

We at Written By… are proud to offer both a written and video platform to introduce new books and authors, review new releases and old stand-bys and generally embrace the artists that use the written word as their medium.

We want to open the realm of YouTube up to authors to showcase and promote their work. However, we are aware that some are uncomfortable with the video medium. Therefore we offer written solutions as well.

We welcome readers of all ages and even have a resident young adult for younger audiences. So how do we do this….

Here are our divisions!

Read By…..          

           Our resident reviewers review both independent and mainstream work! Come see what’s new!

  VBT Stops…..         

          Guest Blog – Guest authors answer 20 questions about their writing process (Video)        
          Interviews – 20 questions including the Bernard Pivot questionnaire (Video w/ one of us)        
          10 Random questions – from mundane to comical about a new author (Written)       
          Coming soon – This month’s upcoming book releases (posted by Written By….. Staff)

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