Brandy Potter Books

Published Works

Venomous Lives 

Published In 2010
Re- Released in 2017 – Purchase Here

The ’80’s was a decade of excess. No one enjoyed the excess more than the bands from the Sunset Strip. The glam rock world was no place for a lady. It’s a good thing that the girls in Onyx were not ladies. Four girls from a blue-collar suburb burst on the scene, break hearts and make history. Along the way they find everything they ever wanted and more. The question is how much will they have to lose before they know that everything they ever wanted was not what they needed to live.

Completed Works

The Crystal Sovereigns

Etari is a peaceful realm ruled largely by committee, but ultimately by the Crystal who speaks through one person. To become the Lady of Unil-Gawein is the highest honor, but on the day of the sorting the whole of Unil-Gawein discovers that the Mistress of the afterlife  has committed atrocities that could alter their way of life forever. The only way to stop her is to locate the long lost Staff of Etari. A group with representatives from each kingdom sets off to find the Staff and along the way they just may find their heart’s desires or their worst nightmares as well. 

In Development

Eight Arms to Hold You – Working Title

Elaina Dragos is an ex-NYPD detective out to prove herself. Along comes the case of a lifetime. She becomes head of a team of detectives, scientists, paranormal investigators and psychics determined to prove Gavin Caswell didn’t die of an overdose but was murdered. Her extreme doubt of the paranormal just might get in the way though, in more ways than one.

And They Lived – Working Title

Two sisters separated from their Mafia family and horribly abused are suddenly thrust back into the family violently. Two brothers stuck in a life of crime and seduction that has consumed their family. In order to catch the murderer of the Don these 4 must work together and not fall into the insanity that they all have the potential to have.

Leather and Lace – Working Title

Boy meets girl… boy gets girl…. girls mother thinks they are too serious… blam the end! 20 years after they shared their first love, two people find themselves at the end of their hope, unhappy and feeling trapped. When social media steps in, will they find that they never lost that love?