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Book Lover’s Blog Hop: If a genie were to grant you 3 bookish wishes, what would you ask for and why?

Originally Posted 8/7/2017 –

Special note to contributors, I apologize that the pictures didn’t migrate, next blog hop this will be corrected.


Brandy Potter

  1. I will have to steal at least 1 answer. The salary. If I could stay home and write or read 8 hours a day that would be amazing! I have so many things going on in writerville, I can’t keep up.
  2. To go back to a time where corporations didn’t control what books came out on the market. I so hate when a genre floods the market and even my favorite authors are writing vampire stories just to have a “marketable” book.
  3. To go stay at the Inn at Boonesboro with Heather Graham and have lunch every day with Nora Roberts (she owns the inn…. And a lot of the town. Small town great place  ) and just talk. Not necessarily about writing or processes, just talk. I think you learn more about and from a person when you just get to know them and how they think than you do grilling them about their processes.

Belinda Bekkers

It would have to be a house with a library, a never-ending credit with Bookdepository, and an all expenses trip to visit all the places mentioned in Eat, Pray, Love.

Leslie Conzatti

I would wish for:

  1. An unlimited library full of all the sorts of books I like, with armchairs tucked between the shelves in sunny alcoves full of windows for the perfect reading environment.
  2. Unlimited credit “wherever books are sold” so I can get the print editions of any book, even the self-published ones.
  3. An annual salary to cover the cost of living so I can just read and write and pursue any dream I like without having to worry about whether I can afford it or whether it can pay the bills.

V.L. Jennings

Genies always seem to mess up wishes… so I really hate trying to come up with them, knowing how they could go wrong. So, suppose we have a NICE book genie…

I would wish:

  1. To visit the Harry Potter world of the books- barring that, a visit to the Harry Potter Theme Park would suffice. Because I loved that world and I want to see it come to life!
  2. I’d have to second Leslie’s wish of an annual salary to cover the cost of living while I read and write without having to worry about bills. Barring that- maybe being able to afford a writing retreat once a year.
  3. Reading conventions (like comic conventions but for books- seriously why isn’t this already a thing?) We have book conventions where people sell books- why not book conventions where we celebrate books?! Come dressed as your favorite character!

Just B. Jordan

  1. To have a free audio book player with an unlimited library in my brain. Ok, that sounds creepy. But if it wasn’t creepy, I would love to be able to walk around at work with the ability to play/pause books without being attached to a device or having other people hear the book.
  2. To have my dream library. Three floor to ceiling walls of books, the fourth wall entirely made of windows overlooking a fantastic view. Rolling ladders to reach the top shelves. A mini tea/bistro counter to make drinks, a tall table at the window to write at, and a few comfy chairs for reading. ❤
  3. …To be completely crazy, a dress made out of books that’s water and tear proof.  Now that would be fun!

Skye Hegyes

This is a tough one, but here are the three bookish things I’d wish a genie for:

  1. A large blank book that contained the story I wanted to read whenever I opened its pages.
  2. The Library of Alexandria restored to its original purpose and beauty.
  3. A salary that would allow me to read and write whenever I wanted for however long I wanted without ever worrying about finances or self-care.

Jebraun Clifford

What a fun question! Let’s see…I’d want:

  1. A magic bookshelf that would anticipate my exact mood and produce the perfect story for me to savor.
  2. A magic mirror to converse with authors all over the world.
  3. A magic pen that would enable me to write fanciful stories that could capture the imagination of all who read them.

Jo Linsdell

  1. A huge home library. My little bookshelves just aren’t enough. I want a library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast… shelves and shelves packed with books. Heaven!
  2. The ability to magically enter the world of any book I’m reading (that I choose to… some would be far to scary). I love to be able to step inside the world of Hogwarts and take part in the lessons, or have tea and a gossip with the ladies from one of Jane Austen’s books… maybe even dance with Mr Darcy? Just think of the possibilities!
  3. Free books for life, and copies of all the special editions before anyone else. I will have a huge library to put them in after all

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