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Book Lovers Blog Hop: Where is your favorite reading spot/where do you do the most reading

Originally Posted 8/7/2017 –

Special note to contributors, I apologize that the pictures didn’t migrate, next blog hop this will be corrected.

Brandy Potter

I was an only parent for 15 years. I do/did most of my reading in the bathtub. It was the only “me” time there was. In the summer pool or beachside as well, but mostly in the tub.
Jo Linsdell

I tend to do most of my reading in bed in the evening. As my husband works nights, once the kids are in bed, I finally have some time for myself. This is when I normally snuggle up with a book and relax.

Tabitha Caplinger

I have the most comfortable chair in the world in my living room. Seriously, it’s big and soft and cozy. I curl up in a blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. It’s my happy place. If it’s raining outside all the better.

Leslie Conzatti

I like to read in a place that supports my elbows and if it has enough room to tuck in my feet, I am happy! I like to read with plenty of blankets and pillows. I have a big mamasan chair where I do most of my reading. That or a big leather armchair or couch are my go-to reading spaces.

Just B. Jordan

If it’s Summer I like to find a nice shaded spot outside. But I’m usually curled up on my bed or couch, a cup of tea nearby.

Skye Hegyes

I’m a bad person, so most of my reading time has occurred at work recently. My favorite place to read is my couch though, curled up with a good cup of cocoa.

Sade Rena –

My favorite reading spot is my bed. There is nothing like laying on my stomach across my bed, buried deep into a story. It’s the perfect position, because as soon as I get sleepy, I can just lay my head down and close my eyes.

Belinda Bekkers –

The place I get most of my reading done is in the carpark at school pickup time and in bed before going to sleep.

Katherine A. Pisana –

I do most of reading in bed, cozy with my blankets, right before I go to sleep.

V.L. Jennings

On my couch, or in my bed. Anyplace comfy. Though honestly, the place I’ve been able to get the most reading done was audiobooks in my car- that was, until my cd player died.

Jebraun Clifford –

Anywhere and anytime! If I have a choice, I’ll read in bed with the cat on my lap, a cup of tea nearby, and a little snack like cinnamon toast or maybe something lemony.

Erica Watkins –

On the bed, with my cats lying above my head and my son lying on my lap

C. J. Brightley –

On the bed or on the back deck listening to the birds sing with a cup of coffee.


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