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It’s December…. again!

From Brandy:

So here we are… another year getting ready to exit. We have been markedly absent from both Written By….. and Brandy Potter books, but we have had LOADS going on. Nothing exciting for you guys but keeping Chey, Liz (My sister and co-editor) and I very busy!

The biggest and best news is that Liz’s has made a move to Philly to start down an exciting path  so so proud of her! But that has created issues with Written By… (no worries Liz isn’t leaving us ).

I spent my 38th (ugg) birthday in Philly with Liz and the Muses have changed things for my writing projects!!!! Gotta love the muses!

During the holidays, it’s very hard to find time to write. I try to write for at least 1 hour every day, but it is so hard with the crocheting and the baking and the shopping and the wrapping (am I whining.. oh no I have to stop that) .

… Anyway enough whining. Try to set aside some time every day even if it’s 10 min and work on things. You have to keep going and JUST WRITE (sneaky mantra insertion hahaha)

I asked Santa to bring me some peace in my life so that I can get on with it! This Writer’s block is KILLING me, but for now I will revamp the books towards the muses’ guidance and move forward with the two projects. Well I asked for that and Norman Reedus or Tom Hardy, but I doubt that I am getting either of them hahahah.

First apologies………

Written By… got pushed to the back burner a bit and I think part of the problem was that we had a lot of Ideas and not enough time and resources to do it.

You probably noticed that it’s revamped a bit and is primarily a video blog. I think trying to put a video mag together with Liz in one place and me in another is just way to hard.

So all blogs and interviews will be video period. Those wanting written VBT boosts can do an introducing or coming soon.

Also in the spirit of teaching, which was one of the purposes of Written By… the contests are now a Just Write section. I encourage those of you who keep asking “how do I write” to take advantage not just of the challenges but also asking for critiques. I am going to get a good panel together including Liz, myself and (crosses fingers and cringes because she hasn’t asked them yet) Leon, Jen,  Jo and Virginia some very good friends of mine.

Side note: April may bring guest editors as both Liz and I are going on vacation for a week… taking the kid to Disney (hoping my god daughter to).

So look for those changes after the New Year.

Anyway I am babbling which I tend to do…..

This holiday, we wish all of you happy tidings… but whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Festivus, Yule, Winter Solstice or “I am going to eat all this stuff and buy gifts because I can” (yes that’s a holiday too) …


We all have our own beliefs (or lack there of) and traditions and no one is wrong in them so respect others please!

Hope you get everything you asked Santa for…. (or lots of coal because you had fun  😉 )

see you soon xoxo

~ Brandy

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