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November Writing contest

Write a first person account of life during the first Thanksgiving. You can be a Settler, a Native American or a leave on a tree, it doesn’t matter. We aren’t looking for history here either, here is an example:

I liked it when the copper people were there, it was quiet. But when the other were there I tried to hide. Seems a bit ridiculous for a a tree to try to hide I know, but I did. The copper people, they only cut down what they needed and even then they tried to seach for the sick or dying. These new people cut everything down.

Still the newcomers had great noises and when they made them they flitted about like the fairies or the leaves that fell from my branches. It was fun to listen to. They were also loud which kept those pesky woodpeckers away………


So see, it doesn’t have to be about history, just about that time. Get creative…but… KEEP IT CLEAN.


Winner will be promoted in multiple groups.

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