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Weekly Guest blog

The concept of this is for you to talk about your writing process… how you write… what you write.. start by telling us what inspires you.. tell us about your passion for writing… I have questions below that are fairly in-depth, and you don’t know where to start.. but mix it up… write your own.. this is to help other authors or want to be authors begin just keep it clean and have fun!

  1. Do you assume that you first need to do the research and then the writing? Are you uncomfortable writing without having thoroughly completed the research?
  2. What social supports can you establish to promote regular writing? Can you arrange, for example, to discuss ideas for writing projects with informed friends?
  3. Do the people you live with respect your need for quiet time when developing projects?
  4. Do you know people who can provide you with encouragement when you are feeling discourage about the worthiness or potential of an idea?
  5. What specific strategies do you typically employ when revising your work?
  6. What changes would you like to make about how your revise?
  7. When revising, are you willing to reject what you have written and start fresh with a new organization or a new thought as necessary?
  8. How would you describe your typical writing voice, persona, or style?
  9. Complete one of the following sentence fragments
    • The biggest editorial problem that readers have identified with my work . .
    • The problems that I want to work on are . . .
    • Readers always tell me I should…
  10. What strategies can you employ to help you accomplish your writing goals?
  11. Can you demystify the composing process?
  12. What changes can you make in your environment that will help you achieve your writing goals?
  13. Does a small voice within you whisper that your ideas lack originality or that someone will dislike your manuscript or that you don’t have time to finish? What do you do in that situation?
  1. What myths about writing or do you hold that intrude on regular writing?
  2. What changes in how you write will help you achieve your writing goals?
  3. Has rejection in the past influenced your perception of yourself as a writer or what you write about?
  4. In what ways do you attempt to work with your intuition when writing?
  5. If an unrelated thought occurs to you when you are writing, do you tend to ignore the thought or do you pursue it ?
  6. Where do you write? DO you have a special place?
  7. Do you have a writing ritual i.e things that you do to begin writing like lighting candles or things you do when you are finished?
  8. What, if anything do you listen too when writing? Who are your favorite bands/artists to listen to?

Answer any and all of these that you like…. looking forward to each week’s blogger!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Guest blog”

  1. Please remember, we would like video submissions if at all possible, but if it’s not please contact someone and we will gladly work on another method. Thanks.

  2. Now I feel bad. When I opened this link the first time when doing my own video interview, I don’t remember all the questions being there. 😦

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